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Weed Control and Fertilizer
Residential and Commercial

Service Timing March-April

Spring Grass Square SM Service Timing March-April

Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Green up your lawn for spring and prevent Crabgrass and other weeds

Service Timing May-June

Summer Grass  Square SM Service Timing May-June

Broadleaf Weed Control, Crabgrass Booster

Eliminate Broadleaf weeds and fortify Crabgrass prevention

Service Timing June-July

Summer Grass  Square SM Service Timing June-July

Fertilizer, Grub Control, Spot Weed Control

Fertilize your lawn for summer stress prevention. Prevent Grub infestations. Eliminate any Broadleaf weeds that are present

Service Timing September-November

Fall Grass Square SM Service Timing September-November

Fertilizer, Weed Control

Fertilize to build your lawn back up from summer heat and stress, prepare for winter and weed control for winter annuals

Service timing may change due to weather conditions

Wayne Beiler
Owner / Technician


I Also Offer the Following Additional Services:

• Fungicide applications: prevents disease and fungi

• Soil testing & analysis with soil amendments and corrections as needed

• Aerating and/or Seeding to promote a healthy, thick lawn
Lime applications for pH correction